Lemon Curd

The air is perfumed with orange and lemon and grapefruit blossoms and the trees are heavy with fruit — it’s definitely citrus time in Southern California.

Lemon Curd is a refreshing addition to any spring dessert — it’s tart and buttery at the same time. Try some spooned over vanilla yogurt or ice cream; if you’re really ambitious make layers of hazelnut meringue, spread them with lemon curd, slice and serve. This is a dessert that only improves with age, the meringue taking on new textures as the curd permeates and softens its airy crunch.

Cottage Industry Lemon Curd is made with tart Eureka lemons, pure sweet butter and cane sugar; when Meyer Lemons are in season we use their zest to add a complex, floral note to the curd.

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